The Series


Stella Mosconi is a little like me back in the day, eager to grab life by the throat, yet at times holding back. Like me, she’s terrified of deep water but loath to admit it. Over the course of this series, I’m rooting for Stella to tackle her fears and evolve into the woman she wants – and needs – to be as she deals with work and family, plus an inability to stay out of trouble when murder comes to town.

The series is set in historic Nelson, an artsy ski town nestled in the mountains of south-central British Columbia, where an eclectic population is served by its own newspaper and police force – and bad things can happen to ordinary people.

In Give Out Creek, Stella Mosconi’s marriage is starting to fray and her job at the local paper is on shaky ground when a new friend is found dead in a rowboat. Enter lead investigator and former classmate Ben McKean. Tension strums between the reporter and the cop as each pursues a string of suspects until a second woman dies and all bets are off. Now Stella has to confront her greatest fear to face down the killer – and survive.

In Lucky Jack Road, second in the series, former pro mountain biker Jack Ballard meets his end at the bottom of a viewpoint, leaving behind a raft of complicated relationships and a troubled history with Stella. Once more the intrepid reporter finds herself drawn into an investigation with Sergeant Ben McKean as she struggles to come to terms with her own all-too-human failings.