A rowboat adrift, a missing woman… What went wrong at Give Out Creek?


JG Toews is a Canadian crime writer and author of Give Out Creek, a finalist for an Arthur Ellis award for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

Give Out Creek is first in a series of mysteries that feature news reporter and mother of two young boys, Stella Mosconi. Here Stella is back in her hometown of Nellwood after years away. She misses Vancouver. Her marriage shows signs of wear, and her new job at the local paper is on shaky ground when her friend Lillian Fenniwick, retired lawyer and leading light of their book club, is found dead in her rowboat.

To get to the bottom of the mysterious death, Stella attempts to retrace Lillian’s route in a canoe but is thwarted by a life-long fear of deep water. Enter Sergeant Ben McKean, lead investigator and former classmate. The reporter and the cop find themselves working together – if not alongside, then often enough bumping hulls.

Tension strums between the pair as they pursue a string of suspects, from the housekeeper and her ex-con husband to the investment broker who wheedled his way into the book club by cozying up to Lillian. Then there’s the young handyman who turns up in unexpected places. When a second woman is murdered, all bets are off, and Stella has to confront her gravest fear as she faces down the killer.

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